I'm Trina Spiller. This blog is about how an inner lover meets her outer graphic designer. It's about making art and design.

my new painting

This came out of me 'cause it had to come out of me. it's been a challenging two
months since I was told I had a cancer tumor in my breast. One big thing I keep
hearing inside myself is that I gotta get it out, i gotta self-express, I gotta create.
It doesn't matter what it looks like, there is something that needs to be born. I
remember walking to the art store with Jamie (my guy) to buy the beautiful little
tubes of Japanese gouache that gave this painting its' intense color palette- it was
like a crazy urging fire pushing me to get the tools I needed to release all the
emotions inside of me. After a painting session, I always felt calm and peaceful, 
clean & clear even if I didn't like where the painting was going. I actually quite
love it now. I see it everyday when I come up the stairs and I am hit with a wave
of healing color and love energy. 

Let's Dance