I'm Trina Spiller. This blog is about how an inner lover meets her outer graphic designer. It's about making art and design.

fast art & changing a belief

I had this belief that making art takes time. And time is not something I have a lot of as
many of you and your busy lives can attest to.  There's also some low-grade pressure
and fear around having to "perform" or be good at being creative. And yet, whenever I
do paint or draw or do anything creative, I feel so deeply satisfied and nourished. So
anyways, I decided to change this belief so that I can feel nourished and satisfied more
often. I decided to make fast art.
Here is the process: I grab a marker and without thinking just make shapes on a page.
I turn to another blank page, quickly make another sketch. I do that 5 or 6 times. I
don't judge the shapes, I just let them come and be all weird or the same as always or
kinda ugly or kinda sweet. I rip the paper out, lay them all out next to each other.
Then quickly again, I squeeze some gouache on a palette, dip a big fat brush in some
water and work on all 5 sketches at once, lobbing paint and water into the shapes. I
add another color, mix it in, add more color to the page. I maybe do that 3 times.
And then, I'm done. That maybe took 10 minutes and I feel SO GOOD. And something
interesting or beautiful and accidental always happens and that feels SO GOOD too.
And hey, look, I just made some art.
Below are a few that I really like. If you're feeling me on this concept, try it out with
something you've been resisting and tell me how it feels.