I'm Trina Spiller. This blog is about how an inner lover meets her outer graphic designer. It's about making art and design.

my thanks-giving

In honor of Thanksgiving, here's what I am thankful for today:

1. My aloe vera plant. Everyday after my radiation treatment, I slather on the cooling
   medicine of this plant. I thank her for sacrificing her life for my healing. 

2. Theta Healing and Access Bars. These energy modalities are the way I am becoming
     aware of my subconscious beliefs & patterns and more importantly how to release
     and create new ones. Light Hands Healing is where I go. Last time I was there, I
     released all these cultural and personal beliefs I was holding around anger- it being
     dangerous to express, it equating to me being unlovable and unsexy in relationship.
     A week later, I had so much anger come up about doing radiation and I mean, I got
     angry. My boyfriend was there to witness the whole thing and at one point, he looked
     at me and said, "you are so beautiful when you're angry". ahhhh...i knew right then
     that I had successfully changed my beliefs about expressing anger. Thank you.

3. My new Japanese paintbrush & my Japanese Gouache paints. Cause they make me
    me feel like Picasso. Thank you cool Japanese inanimate art objects.

4. The people in my life. I have so many people loving me and sending me support
     right now in this crazy part of my life. More people than I can actually keep up
     with since I've been living like a hibernating bear (oh! thank you spirit animal bear)
     But ok, here's a list: Jamie, mom, Chris, Aria, Dad, Arthur, Aunt Cassie, Uncle Joey,
     Catherine, Catharine, Alisa, Megan, Roni, Jin, Hoa, Jamie B., Pete, Jesse, Bodhi,
     Tamara, Chad, Norma, Tricia, Alison, Lindsay, Sara, Audree, Sige, Lisa P., Shawn,
      Wendy, the "moms", Iza, Ross, Beth, Naomi, Martina, Elan, KT, Rachel B., Liam, Tasha,
      Claudio, Carrie, Ken, Aunt Wendy, Jeffrey, Senai.
      Thank you for holding me up right now.

my energy body at Light Hands Healing

my aloe before she gave me her limbs

Japanese paintbrush plant drawing

Japanese Gouache have great colors