I'm Trina Spiller. This blog is about how an inner lover meets her outer graphic designer. It's about making art and design.

everyday valentines: my pieces of love

One dream/goal I've had for a while is to DO something with my Everyday Valentines. A few years back I started making these hand drawn type pictures for the people in my life. They were meant as an expression of my love for them. It's so cliche and cheezy I guess, BUT i really do think that love is so cool and I want to share that in a non-Hallmark way. And as a designer, I just adore making hand drawn type.

So anyways, fast forward to now, I have finally professionally printed ten of my "love notes"! I have like 500 prints of each of the ten valentines! Whowza!  And I've set up an etsy shop and plan to sell them at my friend's awesome craft show called Urban Air Market. And i want to try to get someone to blog about them and I'm gonna scare the vejangles out of myself by walking into stores to see if they will carry them. I feel kinda vulnerable about the whole thing cause these valentines are an expression of me both in content and in the design. My biggest dream/goal is to have Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie pick them up.

My smaller dream/goal this year is to just have as many people as possible see them. My friend David thinks i should go total guerilla marketing and hand them to lovers on the street (or on BART). I love the idea and it does align to my deeper spiritual intention around handing out pieces of free love.  So if you're out there reading this, go kiss a lot in public. I'd love to give you a piece of my kinda love.

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