I'm Trina Spiller. This blog is about how an inner lover meets her outer graphic designer. It's about making art and design.

June Updates

my banner 

my banner 

I know, it's been a while. Lots of internal healing so my external world has been a little quiet and steady. I'm still feeling the aftermath of breast cancer and anxiety, fear and some underlying depression have been my  challengers in the last few months. I've had some realizations around surrendering to the unknown, the importance of self-care and having a spiritual practice and i've slept a lot! That's a very short synopsis. 

i did, however, want to share a creative update. I've sold my Everyday Valentines in two Urban Air Markets in the last 2 months. What fun experiences! I love watching people's faces as they erupt into laughter at reading my cards. I love connecting with new people and hearing their stories. I especially love when someone reads one of my cards and exclaims, "this was written for me!" My heart melts. I have left exhilarated and connected and loved at the end of both events. And was also so nervous at the beginning. :)

And....I also sold the painting I made back in the Fall which was the subject of my first blog post! This is the first painting I've ever sold!  Here are some photos of my booth from these two events. And you'll see the painting in the last photo. It's such a fun event! If you've never been, come to the next one (go to their Facebook link above!)