A big-hearted client once thanked me for my work with a beautiful email in which she ended, "I hope you're so happy, you puke rainbows". Now, that's happy. If I may be so bold, I'd like to express the same to you out there. Drum roll, big dance, goofy smile, heart activation: " I want you to be so happy with my work, you puke rainbows". Colorful, lush, cosmic rainbows. Rainbows that improve business, that make clients and customers excited and satisfied.


I think design matters, especially great design. I think my job as a designer is to organize your needs and purpose into a visual execution that solves your problem. Great design can inspire your customers, it can educate them, persuade them, delight them, help them. Great design can properly convey the right message, in the right order, it can present information in a way that is harmonizing and beautiful, it can evoke emotion, it can, in a moment, tell clients who you are and what you stand for.  My toolbox is vast to accomplish your needs. My artist tools are color, scale, composition, typography, illustration, photography. And my visionary tools are brainstorming, concepting, idea-making, sketches and...dreaming.


I design for big well-known companies, mid-size
design studios and small businesses and understand the specific design needs for each one.  Overall, I
strive to make my client feel heard, to fulfill the objective of the design project and to deliver the project on time.  I have experience with print, marketing, packaging, and web design.  Please consider me for your next design project. I would love to talk, dream
and brainstorm with you.